Quick Tips For New Diablo 3 Players

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For those of you who are new to Diablo 3 I decided to put together a few basic tips and tricks to hopefully help you sell items, make gold or spend less gold. Many of these are surely common knowledge already but perhaps one or two can help you.

1. You can buy Mythic Health Potions for 310g

Rodger the Alchemist

Meet Rodger the Alchemist, a rare vendor with cheap potions

If you’re trying to progress through inferno you’re probably chugging through health potions more than they drop. I’ve had to purchase potions from a vendor several times already, and while it’s not a huge deal, 100 Mythic Health Potions normally cost 61,000 gold, so it’s not the amount you want to throw away regardless of how rich you are. You can get Mythic pots from a vendor just after you cross the bridge from Wortham and before you enter Caverns of Araneae (Act I: Trailing The Coven): the vendor isn’t there always so you might have to check a few of times to find him.


2. Enable Elective Mode

Elective Mode

Options > Gameplay > enable Elective Mode

While Blizzard generally did a good job at placing abilities in the right categories, it’s extremely rarely that you will want to use them as they designed. On my Demon Hunter for example, I use three or even four abilities all from the defensive category, and I do the same on my Monk. In case you still didn’t figure it out, Elective Mode can be enabled by going to Options, then Gameplay and marking the “Elective Mode” checkbox.


3. Don’t buy expensive items while leveling

Buying Legendary Items

I know it's tempting, but don't!

And by expensive I mean anything over 10,000 gold is too much. You’ll surely want to upgrade your items as often as you can but wasting gold on something you’ll throw after a couple of hours of playing is not worth it. I recommend investing your gold into decent weapons every 5 or 6 levels, since they will increase your damage more than any other items. Also, you might want to find a headpiece with a socket: you can put in a gem with 19% extra experience gain from monsters and it costs only 1,000 gold or so (Flawless Square Ruby).


4. Don’t level up your jeweler and blacksmith


You killed his wife and you expect him to give you good items?

You’ll want to do it eventually, but there’s no reason to spend half a million gold on leveling the blacksmith and jewelcrafter since it’s so damn useless. Gems are cheaper on the auction house than combined yourself, and blacksmithing is just awful unless you can craft iLvl 62 items with 6 stats (which requires a substantial gold investment). While leveling you can find any item you want for 10,000g or less with great stats, and since blacksmith-created items have random stats in most cases you won’t get those you want.


5. Always check auction house prices before you sell


Slight differences in stats can skyrocket the prices. Especially important for rings and amulets since those sell for highest amounts.

I have a friend who is too lazy to check the item prices, so just a couple of days ago he sold an amazing ring for 2 million gold. He was pretty happy about it, until I told him he could’ve easily gotten over 10 mil (I’d buy it in a heartbeat). Don’t be lazy and don’t be an idiot: check exactly how much an item is worth before you just throw it on the AH. In most cases I undercut other people by 5-10% since I always have tons of stuff to sell. I’m currently sitting at just over 3000 items sold, meaning I sold over 70 items per day in the last month.

Even a 10,000 gold difference can mean a lot in the long run, especially with newly increased repair costs. That, and you can never have enough gold.


6. Treasure Goblin Types

Treasure Bandit

That bag may hold wonders regardless of which Goblin type it is.

Since patch 1.0.3 farming treasure goblins in Act II inferno has gotten even more profitable, but they don’t all drop the same. In case you hadn’t noticed it, there are four types: Treasure Goblin has a higher chance for extra items, Treasure Pygmy drops extra gold, Treasure Seeker drops gems and Treasure Bandits drop extra Tomes of Secrets.


All goblins drop equipment though so regardless of the type you should kill them when you get the chance. You’d never guess if I didn’t tell you, right?


7. View sold item stats on the auction house

Viewing sold item stats

Shift+click this icon and link it to chat like any other item.

One of the (in my opinion) most important things Blizzard “forgot” to implement is viewing the stats of items you sold on the auction house. You’ll want to know exactly what you sold and for how much in almost every case so you can determine future prices, and fortunately thanks to a small bug you can:

When you’re viewing the “Completed” tab in the auction house, if you shift+click on the small gold icon next to the amount of gold you got (just under the “send to stash” button) you’ll be able to link the item to chat and view its properties. Blizzard removed the ability to link like this in /party chat in the latest patch, but you can still whisper to your friends.


8. Always salvage items

Blacksmithing Essences

You are looking at over 5 million gold. I think it's time I do some crafting!

This might not be profitable for lower-quality essences, but Exquisite Essences (inferno items) currently sells for 1600-2000 gold each, and they are extremely easy and quick to sell on the auction house. For most items vendors won’t even give you that much. You can also occasionally get Fiery Brimstones which sell for 40,000g a piece. I feel it’s obvious but I’ll say it anyway, if an item is worth over 20,000g, don’t salvage it, use the auction house.


9. Expand your inventory


You can never have enough inventory space for all the crap you'll never need.

And I don’t mean buy more slots, in fact you can even save money if you don’t buy additional stash tabs. Get a banker alt: a level 1 character for the sole purpose of holding on to your items. You can fortunately sell items directly from character’s inventory on the AH which is another upside. Another trick you can use is to put up an item for sale on the auction house, then immediately cancel it and leave it in the completed tab, outside of your stash or character inventory: you can store up to 50 additional items this way.



If you have any of your own tips that you think are useful to know, be sure to post them in the comments below. Thanks!

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  1. duybrs says:

    Actually you can get Mythic health pots for free if you’re up for a bit of farming:

    It’s really quick.

  2. Elliot Holt says:

    This only works with items that DIDN’T sell. I can’t see that items that are in my auction log.

  3. gold price says:

    I am a casual player of Diablo III and as I play, I wanted to auction the rare items that I have but do not need.I went to the gold auction house and did the following:For the rare items that I had, I rounded the sale value to the next highest hundred, doubled it and then put it for auction. For example, if the merchant selling price was 130 gold, I put the buyout price as 400.All my rear items got sold almost immediately (most of them were level 15-20 rear items) which makes me think I am selling them too cheap.So what is a good buyout price to set for new items assuming I can’t do the research for finding the going rate for the item?Is it 2x, 3x, 4x etc of merchant selling price?

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