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Farming Gold: 500k/Hour in Act I Inferno

Published by admin on June 28th, 2012 - in Guides

Diablo 3 Farming 500k Gold Per Hour

I still often check the official Diablo 3 forums to see what’s happening, and even well over a month after this game was released people still have trouble farming gold in this game. Getting gold is one of the easiest things to do in this game, and for those who may think it’s only reserved for players who are grinding Act IV or Whimsyshire, you’re mistaken. This is a no-bullshit method that will get you that amount of gold guaranteed.

The following video will explain to you exactly how you can farm 500,000 gold in only 1 hour in Inferno difficulty, Act I. If you’re still struggling to get gold to progress further, now you simply don’t have an excuse anymore. You don’t need to rely on flipping items on the auction house or waiting for item drops: this technique gives you cold hard cash.

I’d say 500,000 gold an hour in Act I is more than a reasonable amount and will enable you to get a few item upgrades to continue further into the depths of hell. In this video you can see how the author farmed 80,000 gold in just 10 minutes. You could even make a few thousand more if you had more gold find gear, and if you read my previous tips you could also salvage blue items which are level 61+ (these always give Exquisite Essences, worth over 1,500g currently).

Increased gold find stats

Investing money into increased gold find will quickly get a positive return

To make the most out of this gold farming method you should invest a few hundred thousand gold into equipment with “Increased Gold Find“. You can in fact get over 300% increased gold find, but anything over 200 should give you a nice income. And you don’t have to worry about spending even 500,000g on the gear: you’ll get the investment back in an hour if you follow this guide. Don’t forget you can also equip a follower with gold find: two rings and an amulet should cost less than 50,000 gold, and give you an extra 10% (you’ll get 20% of your companion’s GF amount). If you think about it, if you get 10% extra gold you’ll return your investment in just one hour of farming.

This method works right now, it wasn’t nerfed in patch 1.0.3, and if the Act II goblin is unavailable for you this is an excellent alternative. I personally prefer farming the goblin but sometimes you just can’t seem to get any drops, while this Dank Cellar is guaranteed to bring you a certain amount of gold per time invested.

Back to the aforementioned official D3 forums: if you expect to get gold by doing nothing in this game, I’m sorry but it’s just not possible. Even reselling items on the AH/RMAH takes effort. But the method shown in this video is extremely reliable, you can do it as soon as you unlock Inferno difficulty mode and it doesn’t really matter how much DPS you have: even with 10,000 DPS you should easily be able to do it. It may be a bit faster to do with Demon Hunter due to increased mobility, but with the right build you should be able to maximize your profits and still get well over 400,000 gold/hour. If you farm it for a few days, you’ll be able to afford a decent weapon at least, which will make it a lot easier.

It’s hard to say what Blizzard is up to these days and their logic, but it’s quite likely this will be nerfed soon. It’s not necessarily a problem of a decent gold income, but rather the convenience of it. Therefore I recommend you take advantage of this while you can.

If you knew about this a month ago, how much gold would you have right now? If you regret not knowing about this sooner, then you really should get the D3 Gold Secrets guide to find even more farming spots like this one. Did you know you can get 300,000 gold per hour on Hell difficulty with a similar method? If you think getting 500k/h in Act I is a lot, just imagine the amount of gold you can farm in later acts of inferno. Just as you’re investing into gold and magic find gear, investing into this guide is a smart move, especially since you can sell gold for real money.

Gold Farming Tip: Treasure Goblin in Act II

Published by admin on June 5th, 2012 - in Guides

Blizzard is quick to crack down on most profitable gold farming methods in Diablo 3, and this one has gained a lot of attention lately and will probably be nerfed in an upcoming patch, which is why you should take advantage of it while you can.

In order to get to this location you’ll have to unlock “The Black Soulstone” quest in Act II. The goblin spawns about 30% of the time from my experience, and it doesn’t take you too long to check whether he’s there or not. Any trash mobs along the way should be easily cleared if you have decent gear. There’s a chance for elite mobs or a boss to spawn in this area, in which case I recommend just leaving the game and trying again.

The biggest problem I’ve come across while doing this on Inferno is my lack of DPS in fact, as half the time the treasure goblin would just run away before I could kill him. However, if you have a friend to bring along I’m sure you’ll be able to kill him much faster. Bonus tip: don’t play a monk on inferno!

As mentioned in the beginnning of this article this will undoubtedly get fixed very soon so be sure to farm the hell inferno out of this goblin while you can. And when it does get fixed be sure to become a member of D3 Gold Secrets for the ultimate Diablo III gold making strategies.

Act IV Spire Bosses (Inferno) Item Farming

Published by admin on May 29th, 2012 - in Guides

Gold farming tip: Silver Spire (Act 4 Inferno)

Today’s gold making tip involves farming the Silver Spire in Act IV leading to Diablo. Along the way are several ghosts (Leah, Magda, Zoltun Kulle, Mira Eamon) which spawn into bosses when interacted with. These bosses frequently drop level 60 magic items, some of which can sell for quite a lot on the auction house if you’re lucky.

The big thing is that you don’t have to work your way to Inferno Act 4, in fact you only need to finish Hell difficulty. There’s an interface bug that enables you to play Act 4 Inferno, and here’s how it works:

  1. Select the very last quest from Act IV in Hell difficulty and get in
  2. Leave the game (leave, not exit D3 entirely)
  3. Click “Public Games”, select inferno difficulty and select Act 4 Prime Evil
  4. Leave the public game and resume in singleplayer mode (use Crystal Collonade waypoint)

As you can see this process is very easy to repeat and works for the time being, so be sure to take advantage of it. The video below will show you how to farm bosses:

And the video’s description gives a bit more insight into the process:

Killing this boss(es) is fairly straightforward: let Tyrael do most of the work, and you focus on not dying. There’s also a third spawn (Mira Eamon) which is a lot harder to kill due to adds, so I recommend skipping her. Magda is easiest and in most cases won’t even damage you (stand on the opposite side of her with portal in between you if necessary, she can’t shoot through), and Zultan just needs a bit of kiting, which is why I used Monk’s Earth Ally.

This should probably be even easier to do with ranged classes.

I skip Leah because she spawns adds that one-shot me, so another 3-4 minutes and up to 5-6 deaths don’t really make this worth the trouble.

I tried it myself and it does work exactly like that. You can do it with every class and regardless of what kind of gear you have since Tyrael deals around 30,000 damage per hit and tanks for you. Magda is easiest to kill, and all you have to do is stand behind Tyrael so she doesn’t hit you with her poison attack. If you come across Zoltun you can also have Tyrael tank him, but you have to move from the frozen globes, otherwise it’ll one shot you. If you’re a monk, having “Near Death Experiencepassive skill helps sometimes, but usually there are two globes that spawn and if the first one doesn’t kill you, second one will immediately after.

I’m sure you’ll actually be able to figure out the process yourself for any class. It’s very easy and can yield very profitable items and 800+ DPS weapons.

Good luck farming, and make sure you take advantage of it soon, because much like the Alcarnus Town Cellar method this will get fixed sooner rather than later. When it does get fixed, you can find many more tips in D3 Gold Secrets which are even more profitable.

Gold Farming Tip: Alcarnus Town Cellar

Published by admin on May 22nd, 2012 - in Guides

D3 gold making tip: Alcarnus town cellar

I’m sure many of you are looking for specific gold and item farming tips, so here’s one right here, with a video included. Most players are keeping these secrets for themselves or in tight communities like D3 Gold Secrets in fear of Blizzard hotfixing them soon. And sooner or later we all know Blizzard will fix these kind of farming locations, so don’t be one of those people that learn about them from the patch notes.

This method has recently been nerfed by Blizz. Chest spawns 50% of the time now, and isn’t Resplendent anymore. If you have any other good gold making tips you’re welcome to share them in the comments below.

Today’s tip involves a loot chest located in a Town Cellar in Alcarnus. The easiest way to get there is by changing your active quest to Act II “City of Blood: Lair of the Witch”. From the waypoint go northeast as shown in the video and activate a checkpoint just in front of “The Lair of the Witch” entrance. The entrance to the Town Cellar is just south of it: about half of the time it’s available, the other half it’ll be closed.

Fortunately the checkpoint is very near, so it’ll take you about 30 seconds total to leave the game and resume it from the same checkpoint which will trigger a reset. Once you get in the basement, proceed to the chest and pick up your shiny loot. Usually you’ll get about 3 blue items, and quite often rare yellow items, flawless gems, gold and potions.

As seen from the video you can easily maximize the efficiency of farming this chest by getting move speed skills and “+Magic Find” items. You can relatively easily get to +150 Magic Find on items which will increase your chances to get better items. You can use the following search in the auction house to get these items quickly:

D3 Auction House Filters: Magic Find Items

Note the “Magic Find” and “Indestructible” filters. You might want to pick up indestructible items if you die during this a lot, and chances are if you’re doing this on a higher difficulty without help you will. This will decrease your repair costs. If you’re trying to do this on Hell or Inferno difficulties you’ll most likely just want to run to the Cellar entrance, loot the chest and leave the game, even if you die after. If the cellar entrance is not there, you’ll die anyway so don’t bother trying to fight.

Another tip: enemies in the cellar won’t start attacking you for about 10 seconds. If you’re quick enough you can place yourself in the position as shown in the image below and possibly use a Town Portal to safely get out. Works most of the time.

Town Cellar: Town Portal Location

You can do a run like this way under 1 minute in fact, which makes this gold making strategy quite effective. Obviously it’s best on Inferno mode when you can sell good rare items for 50,000g+ quite easily. Check the auction house for prices on level 60 rares, it’s quite expensive. While you’re at it also check the prices for level 60 legendary and set items: if you happen to get one of those you’ll surely bank a lot of cash.

This short tip is just a sample of what’s available out there if you know where to look. Those of us who already are members of D3 Gold Secrets already have access to even better gold farming tips so we certainly won’t run out of ideas on farming by giving out a tip like this occasionally. With the Real Currency Auction House imminent release, having a stash of gold ready to be exchanged for real money is sure going to come in handy, so if you want a piece of that be sure to sign up for Gold Secrets now. It’s a safer investment than Facebook stocks.

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