Here we are at LAC 2018 with Pierrick Leveque from High Roller casino. What does that mean? Do you roll high? That means – it is kind of a tricky one because I think the common perception of a ‘high roller’ is somebody who spends a lot of money, plays big and everything and we try to turn this a little bit on its head As in, give something extra for an everyday player to aspire to. Try to be a different, better, or meaner version of himself. So it’s aspiration more than anything.

The idea was like, okay, let’s try to do something different with a meta game and a meta experience for the players to get excited about. That is pushing the gamification and the engagement a little bit further. So, what does that mean? What is this ‘gamification’ that you’re talking about? Okay, so what different do you see?

We have a progress bar, which is, you know, so far so good. It’s pretty straight forward. A progress in a city which we call ‘Metro City’.

It’s pretty cool – we got a lot of levels with a lot of different names. It’s really about progression, leveling up, and silently interacting with other players. Which is proving to be pretty popular since we launched.

I think a lot of companies are doing it at this stage… When you level up, you get stuff. Only, instead of just giving you stuff, we just make a nice little animation out of it. You open a pack of cards – it gives you a lot of things. Including coins, which is a virtual currency that we’re using on the site. This happens when you level up.

We have this virtual currency that players can earn, players can also loot it from each other. I’m not going to go into details about all that happens But you can earn coins and you can take coins from other users as well. And in order to make a meaningful interaction on the site for this to happen, we had to give everybody an identity, so we came up with this idea of giving everybody an avatar in the sign-up, and this avatar can be customised in many, many, different ways.

You can have purple hair, you can have a blue mustache, you can have glasses; different lipsticks for women – it’s really fun. It can be your own alter ego. Absolutely! It’s the ‘High Roller’ version of yourself. So you’re here to change things. Yeah, we’re here to try to bring a different layer of engagement.

You know, let’s face it… Everybody has the same games, everybody has, pretty much, the same content. If you don’t do anything to your product, what reason does the customer have to – the online casino player has to come back to you? What kind of promotions do you have going on now?

Or upcoming ones that you can tell us about? Yeah, we got a welcome offer, so pretty straight forward. We have a 200% match bonus in all our core markets except the UK, so mainly Scandinavia.

We do quite a bit of reload bonuses for the existing players. And we have a cool mechanic that revolves around the virtual currency that we give, where we can afford to create promotions around stashes of coins and this sort of thing. So it’s started and ongoing. Comparing to a lot of the casinos we operate, we see a lot of excitement around the brand, so, I think, my best advise would be: Go to the site, have a look for yourself, sign-up, play around with your avatar, try to look as good or as stupid as you want and enjoy! Well, thank you very much for the interview! You’re very welcome!