Wife’S millionaire casino magnate, Sheldon Adelson is now spending millions of dollars to preparer a public campaign to fight online gambling as a danger to children.

The poor and others could be exploited by easy access to Internet batting I’ll. He, of course, Adelson is best known for upscale Casino Resort in Nevada and my recently in Asia, where I believe he is being investigated, the for potentially bribing officials. He says the practice love online gambling is a danger to society, could tarnish the industry’s traditional business model. I E his business model. Ok, he’s begun hiring lobbyists and public relations experts in Washington and state capitals, night nationwide to press his case in what is shaping up to be the most heavily Lebar lobbied debates in 20, 14 coalition hopes to enlist organizations representing women, african-americans and Hispanics all seen as Likely to be said pathetic to the cause teaching teaching, but that’s not the peace in my 15 years working with him.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen in this passionate about any issue. How says Andy Abboud, edison’s top political adviser I’ll bet unbelievable how the amazing? I love the sit down with them and I would be like I will trade you if you measure, via the power to be like no online gambling end to the occupation in the West Bank, got ta pick one, that’s right now the amazing. I would love to see that I mean. Is that even a question he would he would bail on the occupation? Why did he would have to be?

I had to get legislation passed in israel that all the occupation is to be funded exclusively by Internet gambling. I’Ll and that’s that’s, that’s nothing to keep Sheldon Adelson awake at night why anybody could be some negatives, and maybe he just cares about the children. Maybe it’s just the children he cares about.

I am delivered like the traditional business model, love like which, like evolved from breaking peoples, kneecaps like putting them in homers when they didn’t pay back to like just gentlemanly bankrupting people and destroying the perceived right, because the gambling addictions right for staff. What are the problems with the traditional a model that is not there with the online gaming? Is? You cannot be sure that the people who are betting online are getting drunk at your tables? Maybe I’ll have to be a breathalyzer, attach your computer.

So the letter she blown a point one hour, something you can’t gamble, he’s really looking out for the customers he’s worried. He can’t comp them for their room via online gambling. Unbelievable what happens when he makes an inroad in the online gambling market Ikea anyway, like that the communications turnaround strategy is going to be fast. That’S right! Watch I have.

I received a letter from seven-year-old Genny Cramer, who is a second-grader the the elementary school in Ohio? Dear mister adelson, I beg of you, please allow for Internet gambling, its funding is paying for my new schoolbooks and as soon as I read that letter I decided, I must change course and offer a full suite of Internet gambling through a little Sun incorporated. The Torah says when the child speaks on gaming.

Industry’S the wise man listens. If I kidnap, as rabbi Akiba said that how when he was at governor – which I would remind you was part, I love the ancient Judeo samaria chrome