Hi everyone and welcome to another video in this video, I’m going to talk about a system called the johnny-five system, those people that can think what’s this. This reminds me of something well: Johnny Five was that robot in short circuit movie in the 80s, they made two two movies. They were looking at making a third, oh, no, what happened in 2012, but then they tried again. They tried different directors, but it didn’t take off so I don’t know what’s happening but yeah anyway. This is why it’s based on that is because there’s five bits: five bits in the system: five simple bits: it’s repeated over and over whether there’s a zero or not repeated over and over – and I have found much success with this one.

Now all we’re doing we’re betting, the red or the black. This is the key you’re betting, the martingale system. Yes, it’s the matter girl system where you double up, but I’ll show you what happens if you lose this series of five bits, so we’re betting, two bits on the black, then two bits on the red. Then one black on one bit on the black again and then we start the system.

Okay, what a type tries to do is capture single series of changing from red to black and over and if there’s, multiple reg, reg, reg or blacks, black blacks, it doesn’t matter because it’ll still come out on top, so it very rarely loses well. But from what I’ve on Eddy found anyway, so let’s have a look: let’s start this system, so we can start straight away any time we’re gon na use one units so remember the series ends series of five. So if we’re doubling up it’s one on the first two in the second four on the third eight on the fourth and 16 on the fifth bit, so a total of 31 is your amount. You could be up for for a loss, so I would recommend probably a five or six times that so about two hundred 200 units to be safe and see how you go all right. Let’S make a start. So, let’s start we can start straight away last that one was red, so two units on the black.

We won’t run easy. You ready winning one, but you know at a time, but that’s okay, you’ll see it does rack up units. We won one unit, two units on black. We won, so I go home pretty good, safe.

I already gone past the second bit and still come out on top because, as you can see, it’s been red black red black. So that’s pretty good for our system. When that happens again last two units loss at now we go to the red, so two on the black bean. The third bit is four on the red we lost now. We’D have a look in each on the red. We won that okay, so we played the.

We played this system a few times now we’re five units up so you’re not going to win a lot, but over time it does prove quite successful. Now soon as we win, we go back straightaway go back to getting back to the black start, our system again there. It is again there. It is again. So have you get a string of blacks?

That is good for you also, so, with that one it lost muster, can up to four units on the third bit. You won that, what’s that again, two units running again, this is a good system where you can start anytime, repeating it over and over. Well, eventually, you will you lose so one ten ten times there and as soon as you lose, you lose thirty one.

So do go backwards, but I can tell you it pretty. It does pretty well. Very rarely will lose units but again straight away where there’s a zero or not just continue with the system. That was a zero, but we still go just a second okay, one that again, let’s just go just: let’s go for a profit target.

20. Okay! Here we go, we’ve got 20.

That was very easy. Now, sometimes it will, it will go up to 4 or you know 4 or 5 near the end of the system and that’s the risk. So again what you can do. An interesting thing is when you get to 20, if you want to safeguard your profit, if you’re able to online just say, you’re betting, one unit bet half a unit or 0.5 or $ 0.50, you could do it that way or start betting on two units. For the first, then, four and obviously going to lose more, but then, when you’ve got up to your target, you could safeguard by any of the embedding the one unit for the system instead of two but you’re cool with that. So, as you can see, they’re very fairly offeri, simple system, this was the one I was trialing quite a while ago.

You might have seen the testing and believenot. It’S got up to 666 unit’s betting one unit, and then it went bang and the the devil’s number. So whether that has anything to do with it, it was a bit bizarre, but that’s what crashes the whole system, because I just kept bidding and doubling etc. So when you do actually lose what you’re doing I’ll explain that part of it just say you lose and you lost 31. Well then, you’re actually doubling on the next on the next series of bets, so you’re betting, two units, instead of one to catch up and obviously then you’re making two instead of one so the catch-up period and the number of times you need to win is a Lot less to make up that 31. So basically, what’s at 15, 16 16 times times that by 2, that’s obviously 32!

So you’ve caught up. So you just need to win 15 16 times to get back and because it doesn’t lose that often from what I’ve done through testing it should recover. And then you go back to one unit when your bankroll is back to where it was okay level to where it was so any questions, let me know and give it a thumbs up or down, do some trials see here you go, but I do like this System a fair bit, it just came to my mind and I just thought yeah well. This could be quite effective and give us likes dislikes yeah, so a good system to use at any time, and, like I always say I prefer to use it on a live wheel or a live wheel online. Okay, I just prefer that I just don’t trust the way the automatic number generators occur because they can pick up your patterns, although it is hard for the software to pick up because you’re not betting, consistently on the same the same number or patent. But that’s your choice.

Hey I’d like to go about fitting! So thanks for reading and we’ll be back as usual with the more systems