Hello, i am techremaster. Today i will be talking about expresscard slots. Express card slots are one of the coolest input’s ever for laptops. Mainly they are just pci express 1x slot’s crammed in a box and are able to do a lot, since there desktop pci express slot’s.

Now many things have been made for express card slots, like network dongles, and sound blasters. But here is the problem. They barely make them any more! Like if you buy a laptop from lets say 2009. you should find a express card slot.

Why are they not making them anymore. I could understand old technology but there still incredible. anyways they make so much stuff for express card slots now. like usb 3.0 hubs, ssd’s, and more. But the best thing is this.

EGPU.. Yes, you can basically have a full sized gpu, running with your laptop. That’s insane. Now i know MxM style g p u’s are the main g p u’s for laptops, and i like them too. But those are way to expensive and you might need a new power supply, more cooling and a lot more if you want to upgrade the gpu, and its still a early feature to laptops.

But egpu’s are different. egpu stands for external graphics processing unit. and that means the gpu will go outside of the laptop. Doesn’t sound great until you realize there is a adapter from gdc that allows full desktop graphics cards to run on laptops. That’s even better. And all graphics cards work even ones with 4 to 8 pin connectors will work, because it can use a full power supply.

So if a express card slot can handle a gpu. then it should be able to handle a lot more items that have low power consumption of course. But the reason why is mainly because of thunderbolt becoming popular, and its a 1x pci express card slot. But its still popular, and will make almost any laptop amazing.

another cool feature by the way is that since is a really fast port, it can use usb 3.0 and more. if your a console gamer and want to record your game console, you can get a capture card express card slot! too bad its gone but you can still buy some laptops with it or use a old laptop to get a full size gpu on a laptop.

Anyways thanks for reading.